About Me

I'm a lifestyle writer and editor. 

My first love, professionally speaking, was print magazines, and I spent a number of years on-staff at Martha Stewart Living publications. That work gave me a solid foundation in service content—covering food and cooking, gardening, home and decorating, parenting, and celebrating, plus fashion, beauty, travel, and more. My most recent role there was executive editor of Weddings magazine.

In between and since, I have been a freelance writer for such publications as HealthBetter Homes & GardensMaine Homes by Down EastGlamourFamily CircleShopSmartReal SimpleElle Décor, and HOME, and a contributing editor on a number of lifestyle books. I love working with writers and am always happy to dive in and help coax a manuscript into the very best version of itself. I'm an experienced team leader and people manager, familiar with SEO best practices and armed with a fantastic list of freelance writers and editors I can call upon. I am available for projects, short- and long-term.

When not working, I'm an avid runner, cook, and baker, a lover of fiction (reading and writing), and amateur old-house maintenance person. I live in Maplewood, New Jersey with my husband, two kids, dog, and cat.